Performance Mode & ”Muted Rig Problem”

  • Hi,

    at yestedays rehearsals I got several times this problem:

    I used one Performance, that has five rigs. When I changed between rigs the sound didn’t come out. After pressing the switch few times the sound came back... very odd and I have never seen this happen before.

    my Kemper has the newest Official Firmware.

    Gear: Kemper Profiler | Neural DSP Plugins
    Guitars: .Strandberg*

  • "After pressing the switch" ... which switch exactly? Rig Button of a Remote?

    Which OS version?

    Is Rig Manager involved or not? If so, which version?

    If a Rig Button of Remote or Stage loads a Rig, the button is ok. If the signal is muted or not must have another reason.

    Check everything around Volume Pedal: Rig Settings of the involved Slots, physical pedals and switches connected if those are configured as Volume Pedal. While the sound is muted, check the level of the Volume Pedal controller on page Pedal Links in System Settings.

    Check, if there is any Morphing involved. Perhaps you are Morphing Rig Volume. Or your Morphing triggers pedal pitch effect Pedal Vinyl Stop.

    Any external gear looped in? If so, shortcut SEND and RETURN with a patch cable and check, if there is still any signal issue.