Help with reamping using external pedals

  • Hi everyone,

    I do a lot of mixing and have my kemper patched into my apollo twin at home pretty much permanently, so I was hoping to be able to use it as a reamp box for pedals. Like for instance, I could run a dry signal (synth/guitar/vocal/etc.) out of my DAW into the kemper with a blank profile (no amp sound) and have one of my pedals in the effects loop effect the sound and then kemper sending it back in to my DAW. In this way the kemper is basically just working as a routing device and handling the impedence shifts.

    The wall I hit is that when I use the Analog reamp return and plug in my pedal to the effects loop it cuts off the reamp input. Is there any way around this to accomplish my goal? Since I have an Apollo Twin I can't send spdif, and I'd really like to avoid buying a reamp box if possible. I was trying to maybe use the alternate input as an effects loop return but it seems that can only work in stereo? My head is spinning lol.

  • Hi, I did that exact set up but then I watched the Kemper tutorial and it said "Do not use the alternative input for re-amping" has this been addressed in an update or something? Thanks.

  • Ok, thanks for that, I was worried that it was due to impedance matching/line level vs instrument level sort of a thing, it has a hotter signal I think, but if it's just a matter of turning the level down at source and using it that solves my problem. Thanks.