Starting a Performance in Morph Mode

  • For example, I use morphing to switch to more gain, bass etc. while playing a solo or a refrain.

    Usually a song starts with a verse (calm part, non morph) and later I switch to the other part. It works fine!

    But sometimes a song starts with a solo. By choosing this performance per remote I always have to think about changing to morph mode, too.

    Yes, in this performance I can turn it around (non-morph = lead, morph = verse). But its very confusing and it is hard to think about it every time.

  • Quote

    Terminologically morphing can only start from a base status...

    In my opinion morphing is moving between two states back and forth.

    The start status shouldn't matter. Technically it is probably only one flag to define status 1 as start point or status 2 as start point.

  • The only way I could imagine to do this is if u press the button for a certain slot in a performance for at least one second. But that would mean a delay in the final sound that u may want to have immediately. So to press the button twice leads to the same results.

  • Now, you have to press two different buttons on remote - first switch to new performance (up button), second enable morph of first rig (rig button).

    For me it would be a simplification:

    Play song 1 with performance 1 and then song 2 with performance 2 without a break, whereby only one button would have to be pressed on remote (up button).

    So, you have to think less about the right setup and you can concentrate more on playing.

  • I'll back this request every time it's put forward, more so for allowing the morph pedal to be recalled at the toe position when loading a performance slot, which is effectively the same request.

    It seems such an easy request to fulfil, it needn't require counter intuitive workarounds

  • could be awesome if i can choose in the rig menu that the morph status must be locked on.

    So this can be resolved this problem, then, if I use an expression pedal like Mission engineering EP1 i can set a parameter by the pedal and if I change preset whith the Exp pedal in a determinate position, when i came back from previous preset I have the same previous parameter on morphing...

    I hope that you understand my English...