Any thoughts on the PRS Silver Sky John Mayer on a KPA ?

  • Hi , I'm looking for a super high end strat style guitar , I also want a PRS, so I'm super interested if anyone could try or get a PRS + KPA combo

    I also wonder how the neck on these babes , I like the large & thin ones fount on the mc carty for instance

    Any reviews ?

  • Played a silversky on a music store, not trough a kemper, but my experience is a mixed bag. On one side, it has a more PRS like neck, fretwork is perfect, it isn´t flatter than your normal fender (its a 7.25"), and a bith thicker. A bit thicker than your typical strat, but nowhere close to your Gibson neck. Very playable tough, it reminded me to my schecter Solo 2 custom.

    Second, pickups are thicker sounding than your strat, not hot like a Texas custom, but more fullbodied than a 69 vintage set. Nice presence, but not sure they are everyones cup of tea.

    On the other side, theres is not really a whole lot to justify the extra, I feel the beefier neck feels disjointed with the guitar design, the finish is great but way too flashy for me (nebula), and the bridge is a run of the mill tremolo, nothing special about it. I did not feel it was worth the extra money, you are better of with a custom shop fender if you really want an strat.

    But hey, it is my opinion, I bet someone else will tell you the neck is the best thing ever, and the pickups are magical, thats fine, but they werent for me.

  • I have a Silver Sky. It's one of the first 500 with the hard case/plaque.

    It's one of my most played guitars, and of all my PRS it's my lead players favorite.

    I can easily move between it and many other neck profiles with no problem. Although the radius is 7.25 as Alfahdj says I don't really notice it at all compared to 10". No fretting out either.

    It's a great guitar that I'll never sell.

  • I have a Silver Sky in Horizon and I think it’s ace. I also own a custom shop Strat.

    You should believe the good reviews and hype on the PRS, it is that good. For me the trem system is better than on my CS Strat and the pickups sound beautiful and are so variable, however I do prefer my Strat 60’s fat pickups.
    I wouldn’t say it’s a Strat replacement, it’s an entirely great guitar on its own merit. If you can, own both.

    Oh and yes it’s sounds great through the Kemper, I particularly like it using Tone junkies Fullerton Fender profiles and also the Victory V40 profiles, both on the side of break up.

    I hope this helps.

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  • I also have a Silver Sky. It's a wonderful Strat replacement. I Have owned Callaham, Fender Custom Shop and D'Pergo Strat style guitars. The quality, fretwork, finish, and play-ability are all right up there with the best. I believe that it's a much better value than the Fender Custom Shop Guitars.

    Another thing: it has a very useful tone control. I don't believe you can overestimate the value of a tone control that actually works and is nuanced with subtle tone variations - not just too bright -> muffled. John Mayer has great ears and spent 2+ years picking all of the prototypes apart before he put his name on it.

    I don't think you'll be disappointed.

  • When I first saw the specs on the Silver Sky I wasn't interested at all and probably never would have tried it if a friend didn't buy one. But after about ten minutes I was completely sold.

    I see so many people who won't give it a chance because they don't think they like the neck radius or whatever. I strongly recommend trying one out if you have the chance. For me, the sound and playability was better than any strat I've tried.

  • OMG guys! I had no idea PRS made a Strataclone ;).

    I own a PRS SE Custom 24 with bare knuckes pup's and a blonde american strat with Lindy Fralin PUP's.

    What I can say is that I much prefer the Custom 24 neck for feel and playing; however, the strat radius is fine after a few minutes of adjustment.

    I have played nearly every strat ish guitar made, but now need to locate one of these new PRS's ;). For "strat e ness" I have never heard the equal of the Fralin pup's. Super bell like sweetness out of those pups.

  • PRS made 5 different stratty axes:

    EG, versions 1 - 4



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    Silver Sky.

    I have a 305 as well as the Silver Sky. The neck on the 305 is a wide/fat and the guitar has that typical PRS carve. The Silver Sky edges it out in tone, and every switch position is extremely usable.



  • Thx guys , I'll ask a local store for a test drive to check the neck and playability.

    From what I've read & heard , it looks like a super qualitative instrument, very comfortable , versatile and sounding fantastic.

    And I also guess the resale value will be great also , If I ever want to sell it.

    PRS made 5 different stratty axes:

    I will also check these alternatives , thx a lot.

  • I noticed some models have a full maple fretboard & neck. As I play mostly funk, classic rock I'd prefer a maple one and it's more close to a classic 60's strat.

    I wonder however how it would affect the tone for the happy folk that could try both ?

  • Maple fretboards are difficult to get your hands on at the moment.

    Depreciation on the Silver sky is around 20% from new.

    I dont ever see myself selling mine though, its way too good for that.

    'You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead' - Stan Laurel