Quick Q about a Factory Reset

  • I just picked up a used Kemp in excellent condition. It has over 550 profiles on it and to be honest its a bit overwhelming. I started saving some that I liked to a local library in RigManager but I am done going through all of them as many sound the same. If I do a complete factory restore, will this empty "My Profiler" and leave me with only what was there when originally purchased? Or will nothing be loaded, an empty Profiler, and I can just move the Rig Packs from Manager or the Kemper site back into the My Profiler?

    Also...what about those Effects Presets which I like very much. Will they be whipped out too with a Factory Restore? If so where can I get them back? Same way?...from the Rig Manager Program?

    Thanks in advanced.

  • First of all you can save al the FX presets and rigs you like in personal custom folders you create in Rig Manager.

    Secondly you should update your machine to the latest firmware.

    After that hit INIT GLOBALS from the system menus which sets al the in- and output parameters to their default values. You'll also be asked to input your personal user credentials.

    After that, to get a 'factory reset' machine, wipe all the rigs and FX presets from your machine.

    Then copy the current Kemper factory content from Rig Manager to your machine (again rigs and FX presets).

  • This issue is, there is no "factory reset" option in System Settings. There should be, but its just not there.

    Here is the info I received from Kemper support:

    1. First, consider creating a backup as this process will delete all user data and reset all global settings.

    2. Upgrade to the current PROFILER operating system release software. If your Profiler is currently running a version older than 7.3.2 you need to update to that version first. You can find it here


    3. Switch the PROFILER Head or Rack model off and press and hold soft button 1 (left above the display) while powering it on into tuner mode. If you are a STAGE user press the soft button 1 and the SYSTEM button and power the unit on.

    4. Keep holding the soft button until "System Maintenance " appears on the display.

    5. In maintenance mode press "Recovery", "Init&Factory Content", "Yes", "Ok".

    6. Then press the Reboot soft button and reboot or simply restart the PROFILER with the chicken-head knob.

  • So why don't you follow the instructiosn from Kemper support? I did it already on two devices (Stage, Rack) and it helped me to solve the problems. Just to be 100% precise - procedure for Stage is slightly different.