Radiant heat from Kemper with and without amplifier

  • Hi there, I'm ready to order a Kemper with amplifier to replace my tube amp.

    My practice space is small (12x13 ft) and my tube amp notoriously overheats the room when the doors are closed and I have it cranked and running through the attenuator.

    The amp heat is in addition to that generated by my iMac Pro, dual monitors, hard drives etc. The tube amp puts the temps over the top beyond what the AC can keep up.

    I believe the Kemper with amp turned off will work fine via my studio monitors but I'm getting the amplified Kemper just in case I end up needing a Kone Kab for the speaker in the room feel or just to jam out.

    Can anyone give me a relative comparison of the heat generated by the toaster unit when running the amplifier and also NOT running the amplifier? How does it compare to a cranked tube amp? I know "hot" is relative but if you have tube amp experience you know what I mean. Is it too hot to touch? Warm to touch? Similar to a computer or TV?

    I would appreciate any comments and experiences you can share.



    Orlando, FL

  • Thank you so much Mr. Finally!

    I know it probably seems like a silly question, but now that my wife is working from home and on Zoom calls all day, I have to mind my manners and keep my office / practice room doors closed; thus the heat builds up in the room. We're still mid 90's F here in Florida so the AC is working hard already.

    Fortunately she loves my playing and doesn't mind a bit of volume but her colleagues, staff and clients probable don't want to hear me working through sections of songs for their hours-long Zoom calls. Frankly, I'm surprised it doesn't drive her nuts but I've been playing and singing for her for 26 years and she hasn't tossed me in the wood chipper yet!

    I don't know the exact temperature, but it's not even in the ballpark of what you're dealing with. The amp in the Kemper only needs to do as much as your ears and neighbours can handle.