load into editor and preview disabled ?

  • hi all

    today I opened Rig manager to change from my stock clean sound to something different and I find that

    I can't actually change rigs i.e. I double click and the details views shows the appropriate info but the editor does not open nor does it change the rig on the kemper

    furthermore the menu over the items shows "load into editor and preview" as disabled.

    Nothing to my knowledge has changed with my system.

    First inclination is to verify that midi is working.

    It works for the Toast app so the midi pipes seem to be ok.

    I can't find any preferences on the Kemper editor that deal with midi although that doesn't seem to be the issue .

    Any ideas ?



  • amiracam

    this sounds like something is wrong with the connection between Rig Manager and your Profiler. This can be everything from a cable to a non functional driver. In any case, it has nothing to do with MIDI. I suggest that you contact support through the contact form on our website.

  • thank you for your super fast response.

    Indeed , the issue was the usb cable was dislodged enough on the PC side that it prevented communication to the Kemper.

    Pushing it back in so that it was fully seated on the jack made it work properly again.

    It seems that Kemper Editor does know that there is something wrong since it programmatically disables the menu item:

    "load into editor and preview" so perhaps displaying some sort of status warning to the user that there's no communication with the Kemper would be a nice feature.