Profiling two amps at the same time?

  • Hey guys, I tried finding stuff in the forum but my search skills must be lackluster. My question is: has anyone profiled two amps at the same time? It has to have been tried, but for some reason, searching for "profiling two amps" doesn't help much. Brings up a dearth of posts, but nothing specific to what I'm asking. I was thinking of trying my Friedman Runt 50 set to lower gain and my singer's BE-50 Deluxe set with more gain since it's a bit more organic sounding (to me) when cranked. Just curious if this would confuse the Kemper. I'll keep looking for posts, as I hate duplicate posts as much as the next person. Any advice or even links to other forum posts would be great. Thanks!


    Google served me better than forum search. Found some info. Gonna give it a whirl. I'll post some results if they aren't terrible.

  • I have done this with an Orange OR15 and an EVH 5150 III and worked out pretty well. I also did it with a Dr Z Route 66 and a Ceriatone C2555 (Jube Clone). Like both of them and use them.