Issues with Presets not saving...

  • Hello All,

    For some reason I just figured out that there are a host of Delays, Reverbs, Phasers, etc, etc stored in my "Local Library". Under "Local Library" I made a folder for the 637 different Presets so now I can select a Rig from "My Profiler" and drop n drag any of these presets.

    The issue I'm having is after I "drop n drag", the new preset will load and works, but I cannot save it into the Rig I'm using. Obviously I've "unlocked" the effects box and/or made it empty before the drop n drag, but still it doesn't save.

    Last question, is it possible to load all of these 637 presets into "MyProfiler" so that when I am tweaking a specific profile that (for example) has a Phaser already in an effects box, that I can select more than just the 3 different Phasers it currently gives me in the drop down?

    Using 3.0.136, everything is up to date/etc, FYI.

    Thanks in advance!!