Very Odd Tuner Issue

  • This is so weird. Tuning my guitar today with the guitar volume set on 7, then tuning the D string, the display shows A#; the G string shows C. Even just ignoring the letter and using the strobe, those two strings are not in tune. The other four strings are fine. But, when I open the guitar volume to 10 everything is back to normal. This odd behavior happens on both my strat style and P-90 guitar.

    Never happened before. Any ideas?

  • Odd. The problem has self corrected. But, I did try the usual trouble shooting things: two different guitars, two different cables, front and rear inputs, re-started the Kemper. At the time, nothing worked. Couple days later, it's working perfectly, didn't change a thing.

    While I'me certainly happy that all is well, it is strange.

  • Burkhard

    Changed the title of the thread from “Very Odd Tuner Isssue” to “Very Odd Tuner Issue”.