Kudos to Kemper - This Forum's the Snappiest of All

  • ... that I'm a member of, and that's quite a few.

    I remember feeling sceptical when the company switched to the new board software 'cause in my experience forums with non-phpBB looks tend to be slow / unresponsive. It wasn't bad at all from the get-go, which I found to be a pleasant surprise.

    Lately 'though, especially since they completed the work G String alluded to recently, it's been incredible! Pages load instantly and like-a-dream, even when I've got many pages of other forums struggling to load in the background, the Kemper forum loads in a jiffy. Huge thanks therefore must go to the peeps at Kemper for whatever magic they wove to make this possible. I for one am extremely-grateful.

    Thank you! 8) <3

  • Couldn't agree more. Great forum, 503s etc. are fully gone since weeks. Very good.

    Thanks Kemper team and thanks to all the folks around here. You make the forum what it is with interesting topics, polite and focused discussions :thumbup:8)