Kemper into UAD Apollo Twin (unison?)

  • Hi everyone,

    I have a bit if a dilemma, wondering if anyone knows a workaround. Maybe the solution is right under my nose.

    I use an Apollo Twin USB interface, and I absolutely love this thing. I've had it since before I had my Kemper. Those of you with UAD interfaces know about the Unison feature. One of my all time favorite plugins is the API Vision Channel Strip. For those who don't have UAD, Unison is when you place a plugin into the first insert slot. Then, when you track an instrument, the Apollo interacts with the signal as if it was whatever gear is emulated in the plugin that is placed in Unison. basically, It's as if I am actually tracking through an API Vision console (at least it's pretty close).

    I love tracking bass with the API Vision in the unison slot. Crank up the gain, and it adds the most amazing color to my bass track. However, in order to use the Unison feature, you have to plug straight into one of the Apollo's analog inputs (Hi-Z or mic input are both fine). But you cannot have anything in between the instrument cable/ mic cable and the interface (e.g. an effects pedal) in order for this to work.

    As far as I know, it's the same with the Kemper. I can't use the Kemper's analog/ SPDIF out into the Apollo without losing the Unison feature.

    Please tell me you have found a way to track through the Kemper while still using Unison.

    If not... what do you think about this idea...

    I could track bass/guitar without the Kemper. Just a straight DI. That would let me use Unison. Then I can reamp with the Kemper. Is this a good idea? Am I dealing with too many conversions at that point?

    What I've done is just use the Kemper's SPDIF out (without Unison). This works fine. But the Apollo's preamp and Unison feature are excellent... Is there something I'm missing? Maybe there's a routing option that I haven't considered.

    Let me know!

  • Not sure I understood your question, but I use Kemper Main Output (Left+Right) straight into the Apollo Twin Mic/Line.

    Then I link the two input in the Apollo Twin to act like a stereo IN.

    Then I add unison plugin with no problem.

  • Sorry- I can be very.. verbose. lol..

    But it sounds like you did understand my question. Thanks for letting me know that it's worked just fine for you.

    That is also what I did when I first got the Kemper (except I would just do a mono track). When I had shared my setup with some folks over at the UAD forums, I was told that Unison won't work that way (at least, not as "intended"). It's similar to doing guitar/bass->fx pedal->apollo. A few people said something about how it's problematic to have the kemper/pedal in the the signal chain in between the instrument and the apollo. I do not know much about impedance and the mechanism that underlies unison, so I just took their word for it.

    I'm starting to suspect that is a bunch of BS though haha.. Like you said, the plugin works just fine in the unison slot. And it sounded great (which is honestly, the only thing that really matters at the end of the day). I'm just going to go ahead and ignore the feedback that was given to me on the UAD forums.

    Thank you!