To Remote or Not to Remote... that is the question

  • Hey guys!

    My Kemper and Remote came in yesterday from British Audio and is still in the box.

    I'm thinking as a new user I won't break out the Remote at all today or maybe even for a week or two until I get my brain wrapped around the Kemper itself.

    Keep it simple to start right?

    Thanks! ~Robert

  • Would you also consider starting to use a new TV without its remote control in order to reduce complexity?

    The Remote doesn't add complexity, but is just an effective remote control, which doesn't require programming and works right out of the box.

  • I´ve been using the Kemper since 2012, so three years of ramp up, until the remote came out ;) At least if you intend to play live, you should start directly with the remote. It´s really well thought and eases up the usage of the Kemper goodies (in particular morphing and assigning more than one effect to a button.)

  • Thanks for all the advice!

    I bought the Remote with the Kemper and fully intend to use it. I was more asking whether I should start with it right out of the box.

    As for my TV Mr. Burkhard, anything would be simpler than our home theater that at any given time requires at least three remotes and sometimes my iPhone to operate! ;-) Thanks so much for chiming in and your support! <3


  • If you intend to play live as mentioned, I would start with it now. Its actually easier with the remote to set up because you can assign your stomps and morphing easily.

    You can do it all via the editor but actually the remote is so aligned to the KPA, I would break it out fairly soon, once you are convinced you'll keep the KPA.

    Best thing I ever bought - KPA

    Second best thing I ever bought - the remote :)

  • Best thing I ever bought - KPA

    Second best thing I ever bought - the remote :)

    What he said. :)

    I'll add that the remote is drop dead simple. Plug the cable into the Kemper and remote and you're done.

    While you have lots of options that you can configure for performances, etc., when you get around to it, it works right out of the box. What you see on the Kemper is what you get on the remote in terms of what's loaded up. If you're not sitting next to the Kemper, having the strobe tuner on the remote is worth it alone in my books.

    And if you ever find a "home stereo receiver" that doesn't require an engineer from NASA to operate, I'll be on the buying list.

  • i’ve used various midi controllers including FCB1010 with and without Uno4Kemper chip and RJM Mastermind. The Remote blows them all away as a controller for the KPA. If you need external midi don’t even entertain the Remote but if you are only using the KPA nothing beats the Remote. It’s amazing how simple and intuitive it is to use.

  • Like Alan, I also had the RJM Mastermind in the before times when I was running tube amps. Brilliant piece of kit and I got it to be able to drive my traditional pedals via MIDI. I sold it when I sold my tube amps.

    With the Kemper, the Remote is an awesome solution and I love the single Cat 5 cable that handles both data and power. That said, the Kemper does have MIDI ports for in, out and thru, and I don't believe that MIDI and the Remote are mutually exclusive, so you can have the Remote and still have external MIDI if you want to talk to other gear. Best of both worlds. Unless I'm not quite understanding what Alan meant about external MIDI, which is always a possibility.

  • Chris, although the KPA does have midi ports the midi implementation is extremely limited compared to something like the RJM. Also, setting up midi is one of the things that an editors is really helpful for. Rig Manager doesn’t do this whereas the RJM editor is a phenomenal piece of kit. If you are going to need to program midi functions anyway it is much easier to do it on a dedicated midi controller and make the KPA one of the slaves rather than master from the Remote.

  • If you're still fairly new to the Kemper, you'll probably be tweaking a lot. I find the looper and remote makes this waaaay easier, because you can play a part into the looper, then put your guitar down to concentrate on settings and choosing a profile with both hands, in a comfortable position.