• Hi

    My name is Mikael Tänndal (yes we ha a strange a...)and live in Stockholm/Sweden.
    I have played guitar since I was tvelwe, some keyboard, drums. I have a small studio in my ”man cave” in the basement.

    I bought a white already in 2012 but had problems finding ”my” tone. After that I have had Axe FX2, Helix floor, Bluamp 1 (and a lot of pedals). After hearing a guy Playing the Stage I decided to try again. Nowadays I only play at home and I bought two Kone Cabs and run it in stereo. LOVE IT! My only Oroblem, as we all struggle with is to spend more time playing and less time searching for the BEST profile among the +15000 available....:P

    Nice to join the user group agsin👍🏻

    Wish you all the best

  • Welcome back, Mike.

    You're not the first to "go walkabout" in search of greener pastures and return, and you won't be the last. Sometimes curiosity really does kill the cat and it's like an itch that has to be scratched. At least it's out-of-the-way now and you can focus on tweaking just one setup to perfection from now on.

    Yay! :P

  • Welcome!

    I always recommend to divided the 'Kemper-time' into:

    a) just playing

    b) searching for new rigs, tweaking existing ones, learning more about the KPA

    And not allow b) to steal from a)


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  • Hi

    This might not be the right thread but I did not find any better.

    A month ago I made the worst mistake of my life. I cut concrete with a diamond cutting machine. I did not have earplugs good enough for the high noise level. I did not realize it until I was finished and now a month later I suffer from Tinnitus, mainly on my right ear. Diamond cutting produce very much noise but also high frequecies.
    Tinnitus is common among musicians and I would be happy to hear from other with the same problem:

    - how do you handle it?
    - do you have to play very low in order to not get worse?

    - do you use earplugs when playing?

    - what type and are there earplugs that only filter the very high frequencies?
    - did you even be forced to quit playing?
    This was a nightmare and I was actually close to tears.

    This happened just as I bought my Stage and finally found the sound I been looking for all my life. :rolleyes:

    Take care of your ears, you only have two and there are no spareparts or new OS updates...

  • Firstly, don't panic, mate.

    I've had it badly for 35 years after placing my head against my band's guitarist's combo-amp speaker back in the late '80s 'cause I loved his playing so much. Did it every rehearsal for a few seconds at least and ended up with severe tinnitus, which wasn't very well-known at the time.

    The worst scenario is that it doesn't go away, such as in my case, but the good news is that you get used to it.

    On days when you eat a lot of crap / take drugs / don't sleep much, it gets worse temporarily, and it's at such times that you notice it again 'cause the level to which you've become accustomed has changed. Usually by the following day things'll be back-to-normal.

    There are no outright cures for it that I'm aware of, but the fact that the misbehaviours I mentioned above make it worse suggest to me that clean living is your best chance of keeping the distraction to a minimum.

    There have been famous engineers who've only been able to hear through one ear, so fear not; your music career / hobby won't be compromised.

  • Thanks!
    In my youth I played four years in a band, often standing in front of the drummers crasch cymbal. However the hearing was not effected.

    Your nice words give me hope and except for a few beers now and then I am clean like a newborn child :thumbup:
    Now I will go to my man cave/studio and start up my Stage and my Kone cabs!


  • Tinnitus sometimes is combined with hearing loss. The damaged hair cells of the affected ear cause hearing loss of this specific frequencies. But at the same time your nerves/brain produces their own noises in the same range the "receptors" are gone / not receiving sound anymore.

    Also the hair cells next to the damaged ones are affected and can "falsify" your hearing further. Usually the ear with tinnitus is more sensitive too. For example when listening in stereo this side is felt louder.

    What is an interesting experience: When one ear isn't able (for example) to hear grill chirping at night, it is perveived as absolute silence (if you plug your other ear). It's not there for you on this ear. But this ear now can hear other sounds/frequencies, that otherwise would be completely drowned by the loud grill chirping.

  • Hi

    Strange effects I understand.

    After my mistake and the following tinnitus I went to an audionom and did a hearing test.
    I was Very surprised of the result. I hear normally and at the same level as five years ago.

    Still it is ringing...

  • Hi

    Strange effects I understand.

    After my mistake and the following tinnitus I went to an audionom and did a hearing test.
    I was Very surprised of the result. I hear normally and at the same level as five years ago.

    Still it is ringing...

    That is a good sign :thumbup:

    But sometimes the audiogram / test only covers the era from 250 - 8000 hz. That's the area for normal hearing. But tinnitus/hearing loss above - like at 9000 hz - is still annoying

  • Some years ago I had a Tinnitus as well. It was a very low frequency around 100 Hz, so pretty rare I think. I went do the doctor and did get lots of examinations und cortisone. I even had an electrician at home to change the fuse box as the old one made some noise in the same frequency range. Nothing helped. In the end the Tinnitus went away and I have no clue why. What I'm trying to say is: there's hope. Good luck!

    Edit: I even went to a dentist and an orthopedist because it's possible, that the Tinnitus is caused by teeth or the spine.

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