FCB1010 and the looper

  • Anyone had luck with controlling the looper with a stock FCB1010? There are a few unaswered posts asking this, just wanted to try again.

    ATM only the rec button works and it's therefore unusable.

    Alternatively, does the Eureka chip work with the current firmware version?

  • As far as I remember there were already questions about this in the forum.

    And my own experience: no chance.

    When I bought my Kemper in 2015 I used a FCB1010.

    I could not use the looper.

    After changing to the Remote, the use of the looper was possible.

    Even with a Uno4Kemper Chip, the FCB1010 cannot control the looper.

  • it's my french tuto, it worked before. i don't know if it works now.

    * Si vous avez un controleur midi pouvant envoyer 2 cc# de suite (fcb1010), il suffit d’encoder ces commandes : CC#99 V125 et CC#38 V1 en programmant un bouton pour activer le looper avec ces 2 commandes (le kemper gardera ces commandes activées jusqu’à ce que le kemper soit éteind)

    (Remarque, en bidouillant dans le fcb, avec le UNOchip standard, vous pouvez envoyer jusqu’à 12cc en un clic et donc utiliser la 1ère méthode)

    ensuite, il faut programmer un bouton pour chacune des opérations suivantes :

    CC#=Controller Number, V=Value

    -Rec/ Overdub : CC#98 V88, CC#38 V1

    -Play : CC#98 V88, CC#38 V0

    -Stop/Erase (appuyez 3x): CC#98 V89, CC#38 V1

    -Undo/Redo : CC#98 V93, CC#38 V1

    -Trigger Start : CC#98 V90, CC#38 V1

    -Trigger Stop : CC#98 V90, CC#38 V0

    Reverse/Unreverse: CC#98 V91, CC#38 V1

    1/2 Speed: CC#98 V92, CC#38 V1

  • That's what I tried and I can confirm it no longer works. Anyway I'm happy to have a final answer on this. Thank you for confirming that the eureka works, I'd do pretty much what you do, don't need more that a start&stop kind of thing. The remote is cool but too pricey for something I want to step on with little regard, plus I'd still need at least one extra expression pedal.