Are the Kemper amp buttons touch sensitive?

  • When I light touch some of the buttons, for example the 'amplifier' button they light up but nothing happens on the screen.

    When I hard push the button the menu for amplifier comes up.

    I can't find any documentation that claims the buttons are touch sensitive, do I have a defective unit?

    I feel like sometimes when I push the buttons different things happen when I'm pushing the same button

  • when slot is active, long press pops up Copy&Paste menu. So possible states, when you start from inactive slot are:

    1. Short press: toggle slot on/off

    2. Long press: slot menu

    3. When in slot menu: long press activates copy&paste.

    BTW, this works in all profilers, it is not Stage-specific.

  • Ah, right on! Thank you for your patience, just got the kemper on Friday and still learning it all.