Saving diagnostic code from Stage

  • Hey everyone, I am trying to save the diagnostic files from the Kemper Stage but having trouble getting it to save the files to the USB stick. I was told by message on the Stage screen to contact support due to booting errors. Support responded asking me to send the Diagnostic files to them. The following is the way to get the files from Stage, but it is not working. Nothing happens after holding the STORE button down and selecting browser mode. Since the instructions does not say to power up after inserting the Formatted USB stick I have tried both ways NO Power and Powered but still not getting the Creating support profile. Any help is greatly appreciated guys. Regards, James

    Our engineering requires a diagnostic file of your PROFILER to analyze the situation. Here are the steps:

    1. Please power off the PROFILER.

    2. Insert a FAT 32 formatted USB flash drive into the PROFILER.

    3. Press and hold the STORE button.

    4. Now switch the PROFILER onto Browser Mode.

    5. Release the STORE button after the message "Creating support profile"appears in the display.

    6. Wait until the PROFILER has completely booted before releasing the USB flash drive and please send me the file that is stored on the USB stick.