• Hi, 4m4d3u5.

    From the Kemper User Manual.

  • I didn't realize there was a manual besides the one that came with it thanks. This is what I was looking for in the manual through:

    The ALTERNATIVE INPUT can be used as a rear-side guitar input, which is especially convenient for the Rack, and
    PowerRack models. The parameter “Input Source” needs to be set accordingly in the Input Section.
    The RETURN is available as balanced TRS or XLR input. While it plays a key role during PROFILINGTM, as
    explained in the chapter Taking a PROFILE, it can also be used in combination with the DIRECT OUTPUT/SEND to
    loop in external equipment. In combination, RETURN and ALTERNATIVE INPUT can function as a pair of stereo
    returns. Details can be found in the Effect Loops chapter.
    Both the RETURN and the ALTERNATIVE INPUT can also be used as auxiliary inputs. You could, for instance, use
    this feature to mix in music from your mp3-player and play along. In this case you will need a special cable with 3.5
    mm stereo jack on one side and two ¼ inch mono jacks on the other side. You will find the corresponding mix
    controls in the Output Section.

  • Hi, Buster3113.

    Problem with using aux input for mp3 player is as soon as you plug into the front input, the Kemper shuts off the aux input.

    From the Kemper Manual.