OK Kemper You Won! Win7-->Win10

  • Honestly everything was OK with old my laptop,

    all the softwares, dirvers, connections, I was ok.. well sometimes a bit too much latency but nothing so frustraing.

    But at some point it seems to be Necessary to switch to Win8 or above, .. I contiuned for a while repeating to myself ''If it's not broken, don't fix it''

    Well, I've just finished yesterday to assemble a new PC with Win10 reinstall everything and update everithing to the Last version.:saint:

    I hope it worths the money and time I've spent.

  • All my studio and workstation is in windows 7, its a ton of money lost if I migrate to Windows 10, I sincerely will end up having a new computer with windows 10, but my workflow will become slow and sloppy for not having all my tools at reach. I am sad about that, but it is not Kemper Team fault, as I understand, Microsoft is not extending any support to windows 7 development, so if they come up with a compatibility issue regarding OS, MS wont help them in any way. It is wise long term to migrate, just that my wallet is not focused right now on renewing software XD

  • Rumor has it that it will be a software update to windows 10, because Microsoft is also telling right now that 10 its tought to be a long term solution focused on service over updates, instead of sales on upgrades. But yeah, you can just hang in there a bit longer.

  • SO, after more or less a month using Win 10 I can't say it was a bad choice to move from Win7 even if:

    - honestly I've never had a problem With W7.

    - It took a week or so to install everithing and re-configure all my settings, preferences, move Aidio Projects / files .. reinstall DAW, Dirvers, plug-in an everything.

    - It already happened a couple of times that, when Win10 do automaitc updateds, it enables the internal audio card and disables the external Audio interface, that is exactly the contrary of my regular setting.

    I can't judge about the speed/qualities of performances of recording and managing audio files because I've also changed Processor, Hard disk, RAM.. I have a totally New PC with ''updated elements'' so.. Obiouvsly is faster.