Does the Kabinet make a difference with feedback?

  • The one quirk of the Kemper that took some getting used to is the fact that feedback doesn't seem to happen quite the same as it would with a regular tube amp / speaker cab. I know some people bought the Freq Out pedal for this reason.

    Since the Kabinet is really all about the amp in the room / monitoring thing, I was wondering if it provided a different interaction with the guitar and Kemper that would allow for more natural feedback scenarios without needing something like the Freq Out.

    This isn't a critical consideration for me, as it's not like I'm going to play in a Ted Nugent tribute band. Nonetheless, I was curious to see if it provided a different experience in this regard.

  • We played our first gig since August last night. I used my Power Rack and Kabinet. I was using the Kabinet in FRFR mode, sidewashed, and angled up at about a 45 degree angle. I had the output of the Profiler set to -10db. I had no problems getting controlled feedback at stage volume with any of the guitars I took to the gig. (a '70s Les Paul, a '90s SSH strat, and a 1980 BC Rich). Depending on where I stood, I could get near infinite sustain or the kind that goes up an octave.

  • I've only been able to use mine at home, and at about 8 outside practices/gigs.

    At home it's pretty easy to coax some feedback compared to DXR10, but I never tried outside.

    I'm hoping to get back into the practice studio inside this week and will report back with that stage experience.

    I suspect it will be exactly as paults experienced.