New user in Florida

  • I found some at monoprice. They have the angled jack on both ends, which isn't exactly what I wanted. They are 18" and look to be build decent. The price was very reasonable. I will know if they were a good buy once they get here and I can get my hands on them.

    I have been looking around at prices on the pedal. For some reason I can find the black one for like $24 less than the green one. I guess I will have to decide if the green one is worth the extra $19.

    The cables from monoprice came in. They seem to be pretty well made. I did buy the green pedal. So far so good. One thing I am wondering about is why in the base plate on this pedal makes so much noise. It is made like a CryBaby Wah and I have never had any issues with those. This must be a thinner metal. It is quite noisy. Every time the pedal hits full down in either direction it makes noise. I will be finding a solution to that. I am thinking about getting some weather stripping and pulling the plate off and sticking some to the bottom of the pedal and putting the base plate back on. That should take care of it.