How to connect a pedal board and expression pedal to Kemper Profiler?

  • Hi everyone,

    Have had and enjoy the Profiler for a couple of years now and have never tried any external pedals with it. I was thinking of geting a tiny (3-4 pedal) pedal board for essentials and maybe the Mission Control expression pedal along with it. My question is simply how do connect these both to the Kemper? I haven't seen much info anywhere on simple setups. I've seen complex setups that require an additional purchase of the Kemper Remote Controller but nothing with just the pedalboard and the expression pedal. Is this possible? Thanks!

    - D

  • Hi dasmodul,


    Expression Pedals and Foot Switches
    Both PROFILER and PROFILER Remote allow you to connect multiple, independent expression pedals, mono
    switches or dual switches for different purposes. Each of the PEDAL inputs on the PROFILER Stage (four inputs), all
    other PROFILER variants (two inputs) and PROFILER Remote (four inputs) can hold one expression pedal, one
    mono switch or one dual switch.

    You can find the full story in Kemper Manual.

    Kemper Manuals and Quick Start guides

  • Although I use the Remote, either of these methods will work without it.

    For outboard pedals, you can go guitar -> pedals - > KPA input. Conventional wisdom says this is where you put your compression, boost & dirt pedals.

    You can also utilize the effects loop. Assuming a head or rack - use the Direct Output/Send jack to go *from* the KPA to the input on your first pedal. Then connect the output of your last pedal to the Return input. If you're looking at the back of the KPA, send is the third jack from the left. Return is the first.

    Then you'll use a slot to select Loop Mono for time-based stuff or Loop Distortion for dirt. You *can* do stereo, but I don't use it and therefore am not certain exactly how. I always use Loop Distortion for my overdrives.

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  • Okay, after reviewing your suggestions and the manual a bit. I think I got the basic idea on how to connect them. Now trying to figure right order and length of cables. This picture is what I'm thinking of. I think with the remote being able to be a virtual pedal itself and control performances can get me a good start. One expression for wah and the Mel9 for string effects. Feel free to use MS Paint to draw the cables if you can. How would I wire these together so they don't step on each others toes?

    Leaving some room on pedal board in case i find unique ones to add later.