Transpose - switch very sensitive

  • Since the band almost exclusively plays with Transpose "-1", but I need Transpose "0" to practice with MP3. I noticed, that the selection of the transpose positions is very sensitive. It happens very often, that you "switch over the target".

    Can the sensitivity be reduced a little?

    Thank you very much and kind regards


    PS: Power Rack

  • You can assignTranspose to a module (A, B, C or D) and then link that module to any switch on the Kemper you like. I have the Transpose set to -1 and I have it linked to the Tuner footswitch as I dont use the onboard kemper tuner.

    Having it this way allows me to toggle between standard and flat tuning at the stomp if a switch. Works perfectly.

    Keep in mind, the Transpose will work best as the first pedal in your signal Module A is the best place for it.


  • my apologies, i realize you are speaking of the rack unit. You should still be able to assign Transpose to a module then just toggle it on/off between standard and flat tuning.

    This would certain be less tedious than turning that ultra sensitive dial ;)