Stupid question about backup/restore

  • Hi there,

    I am quite lucky, as I own a toaster for homerecording and a rack for gigging and rehearsal. Until now I made changes/setup in the toaster and simply applied them with backup/restore on the rack. So far both had the same OS. But now I updated the toaster to the latest OS and I am not sure if I have to update the rack in advance before restoring further backups to transfer my new settings. Or is the OS part of the backup and would be automatically applied with the restore? (Hope I make myself clear, as I am no native speaker).

    Regards and thanks for any hint

  • AxelF42

    The Backup does not contain the OS, only your Rigs and settings.

    Your Rack should be on a 7.x.x to restore the Backup from a Profiler with the current release.

    We recommend t use similar or same versions, just put the 7.5.4 kaos onto the USB drive you use for your backups and the rehearsal Profiler will be updated.