Active/Passive Kemper Kabinet / Speak Imprints / Cabinet Simulation / PA

  • Genre is Heavy Rock & Metal.

    I own HS8's and Kones.

    I can play clean or edge of break-up sounds through my HS8's and sometimes forget which speakers I'm playing through.

    However, as soon as you have gain or hi gain and you want to sound like you're actually plugged in to an "authentic" amp, I'll make three suggestions:

    1. Get some Kones

    2. Get a Kabinet

    3. Refer previous suggestions

    And then buy the HS8's if you decide you want to start recording one day

  • But then FRFR Kones/Cab

  • Kones aren't really an FRFR speaker, Kemper describes them as "broadband". There a (wide range?) speaker tailored to the Kemper, and the speaker imprints in the Kemper are tailored to the Kones.

    If you need studio monitors, then the HS8's are very good, I'd suggest invest in a pair of those instead of the axe fx, but that's me.

    If you want the Kemper to sound authentic for hi gain, load some Kones in to a cab or get a Kabinet. The Kones probably won't be much use for anything except the Kemper, although they do have a full range mode so you can play along to backing tracks etc.