Distortion sensitivity and lock

  • In the end of the input video video it says that you must lock distortion sensitivity if you want it to work on all rigs but does not say how it will act if you don't.

    Does that mean it will reset if you choose another rig or stay active in the rig you first set it on only if you return to it? The little details are not clear here.

    When it said "all rigs" does that mean the ones in performances also? Because I am understanding that they are separated from the browser rigs edit wise. It should have specified that as well.

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  • You can't lock dist sens, you can only lock the entire input section. If you lock it, the settings apply to all rigs. If you don't lock it, the settings will be loaded with the rig you choose. Note that browse and performance mode are independant from each other regarding input settings.

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  • And also keep in mind ... if you lock anything e.g. Input Section, the locked values will not just take effect when you load a Rig and temporarily overwrite the corresponding values stored in the Rig. If you store the Rig now, the locked values will permanently overwrite the corresponding values in the Rig.

    So if you lock Input Section with particular values for Input Noise Gate, Clean Sens and Distortion Sens, and edit and store your Rigs frequently, after some times these settings will be "baked" in all your Rigs.