How to post photos - I read the guide on how to do this, but its not working for me.

  • When I upload images to IMGUR and use the direct link (putting the image address as the source, using the little image icon at the top of the text editor), it shows up in the preview but when its posted, it says the image is blocked.

    When I try to upload as an attachment in the tabs at the bottom of text editor, it only allows sizes of 1mb. I'm not a Microsoft Photoshop and have no clue how to get these images under 1mb.

  • Even easier than that, and you can be precise with the target size 1st time:

    Double-click image to open with "Preview"

    Option-click the File menu

    Choose "Save As"

    Move the "Quality" slider towards the left until you reach the size you want

    Save over the existing image or with a new name

    If you find the image cannot be saved as tiny as you'd like, go to the Tools Menu and choose "Adjust Size", enter a smaller width value (top field) and the height will scale proportionally. Now try the Save As procedure again and the file-size range will be lower.

  • Thank you, I figured it out.

  • For users who use iphone only. Using iPhone I email the picture to myself, iOS gives me an option of the picture size i can send. I pick an option that is under 1mb. I then open email, save picture to my photos app and it is then eligible for upload. There will be two copies in the photo app of the same picture that are different file sizes.

  • I've uploaded pictures in the past using imgur without any issues, but now all my image uploads show the message "Blocked image". I've tried with PNG, JPG, and different picture and file sizes but it still does not show the image.

  • That's probably because they're hosted remotely on the web and for whatever reason the software isn't allowing links to that particular site, Brother Alex.

    The advice I gave that you quoted refers to tailoring the sizes of images located on a Mac using the built-in software. You might as well drag / copy the images you want to upload here to your machine and attach them to posts in the usual way, downsizing them as-described if necessary.