Free Amporium VOX AC4TV Pack

  • Hi,

    I uploaded 14 rigs to Rig Exchange from a small 4W Class A Tube Amplifier, the VOX AC4TV with fresh JJ tubes. Profiles captured at full 4 watt setting.

    The rigs feature my own cab impulse responses (from the matching VOX V112 TV extension cabinet with Celestion Greenback, another VOX V112 TV with a Celestion V-Type speaker and a Marshall 1x12with Celestion Lynchback). One rig uses the Palmer PDI03 JB Speaker Sim (to be exact it's a mix between different settings). I like this sound for cutting solo or to bring in some different flavour to the mix.

    It works great when you turn back the GAIN knob on the higher gain profiles too. And they react nicely when using the basic EQ knobs.

    Find them on RE or you can download here for free:

    Amporium VOX AC4TV Pack

    Tell me if you like some of the profiles.


  • Thank you, Tobi! Great little amp.

    In fact, this was exactly the amp that sealed the deal for me to switch from Line 6 to Kemper. My little brother brought his dad's amp around to remind me of the differences between real tubes and my HD500. All he asked was that I play anything I liked for a few seconds.

    I didn't expect much, especially after hearing that it was only 4W, but boy, was I surprised. Suddenly I felt a sense of immediacy, tactile sensitivity, warmth, weight and sparkle that I'd not heard and felt in many years.

    This amp will always hold a special place in my heart for this reason. It woke me up and prompted the Kemper purchase 'cause I already knew it sounded and played like tubes. I just needed reminding of how awesome that is. 8)

  • Thanks again for sharing your stuff Tobi. Cool thing :thumbup:8)

    Those little Vox tones are not so much my cup of tea so unfortunately I can not give too much feedback. But they seem well done and I really dig your different cab approaches. By the way: All well tagged. Very good!

  • Monkey_Man Great story!

    The AC4TV loves single coils! But with the extension cabinets and new speakers humbuckers sound very convincing too. Years ago I profiled the AC4TV with stock tubes, than JJ's with mixed results. Later experimented with JJ EL844 (less headroom than EL84) - sounded like shit ^^

    After the tube swap to selected JJ 12AX7 and regular JJ EL84 the amp sounded so much better in the room now, I had to try profiling it again. And indeed the profiles came out perfect this time! The amp itself sounds less boxy, more body, clearer and the profiles seem to really benefit from this.

    Combined with the 12" speakers it sounds grown up and bigger, without denying its origin.

    The problem with this "small" amp was (is), that it really shines at the 4 Watt setting, volume turned quite up a bit. And this is no bedroom level anymore - this is really loud as f*ck in a small room^^

    deadman42 What amps / sounds do you love. Maybe I can make some rigs in this direction in the future too.

    Next project will be using the "Necrophobic" (band) setting of the MXR EVH 5150 pedal into different amps to create some extreme metal tones.

    I also want to capture the Mesa Boogie Mark 1 tones from my Rocktron ValveSonic Blackplate+ into Rocktron Mainline.

  • What amps / sounds do you love. Maybe I can make some rigs in this direction in the future too.

    Thanks Tobi, much appreciated, very nice. My basis is mostly the 5153 in different flavours (fortunately the market is full of good stuff from those... that famous guy in Nashville made some which I really love). And I very much like the Divided stuff as well as the good late 60s Marshalls (again the guy from Nashville is spot on for me). But don't waste precious time on my stuff. I'm happy with what comes. Your plans on the EVH pedal sound nice as well :thumbup:8)

  • Thanks a lot! I'm also not a big Vox fan, but these have changed my mind! Great chime without being too harsh and trebley. I dumped them all into my Kemper, where few profiles get to go ... (to join others that are mostly from that guy in Nashville. :D)

    Greatly appreciated, Tobi!