[Public Beta] PROFILER OS

  • I use a greer lightspeed and an old silver klon in front of my kemper, IT sounds FANTASTIC,,also a POT ,They work just like they do in front of my matchless,, princeton, and morgan AC20,,it takes analog pedals PERFECTLY,,,,,,Just like an amp,,

  • artembankin

    I reamped your DI using your settings:


    edit: I used SPDIF for reamping as it is the set up that I have for that

  • Atlantic

    Try to up input level a bit ,,and your results will be identical to my ...

    this means - what "digital clipping " - is not only my problem ....

    Reamp Sens is at 12 dB

    SPDIF Output is at 0dB maximum output. This means I cannot up the input level anymore.

    What do you think of my result? I think it is not as harsh as yours. Have you updated to the last beta?

    Oh, and after that the level on the meter in my DAW is EXACTLY the same as your WAV file.

  • @lightbox

    I have checked that Rig.

    I could not find any volume drop as well, when I turned KD Volume.

    Can you check again?

    Please also check with another pedal, such as the Green Scream or any other distortion effect.

    The FX Volume engine is generic for all effects.


  • Here are my thoughts after checking the KD 808 presets against my TS Mini, 80s TS9 and the Green Scream.

    Setting the controls on the physical pedals as shown in the Addendum, I didn't feel that the presets were as close as I assumed; slightly disappointing. Because of all this talk of levelling etc., I tried to balance the volume of the physical pedals with the KD without the Amplifier and Cabinet modules engaged. As an added extra, I didn't notice any extra harsh top end, listening through a Headrush 108, which I have at home. However, once balanced, engaging the Amp and Cab modules once again gave much closer results. The tone and drive structure are pretty much identical. One thing I noticed though, was that the pedals were consistently louder, sometimes giving the impression that they were more dynamic, with a rounder bottom and sparklier highs. Adjusting for the difference in volumes on the Headrush though revealed this to be false.

    Comparing the Green Scream, it seems to me to be slightly more nasal, a touch more compressed and focused, though I can't rule out confirmation bias here. It's definitely slightly different in tone, though I didn't go back and balance the volumes without the Amp and Cab, like I did with the KD.

    My friend has borrowed my 1:1 Klon clone and my own hand-built Klon, so I can't do a proper comparison of these, though my initial impression when the beta dropped was very favourable when comparing the physical pedals to the presets, again using the diagrams in the Addendum as a reference for the knob positions.

    Thanks a ton to Kemper and all the beta testers here :)

  • I've found my first bug!!

    So I loaded the beta, and totally forgot I had a gig, so went with it....set my gear up, plugged in my remote and....no stomps in performance mode.

    Checked the cable, all fine and stomps showed up in browse mode but in performance, no stomps showing on the remote. The stomps were working on my KPA and working but just not showing on my remote. I quickly noticed they did work on one profile I had the new OD's on but all the others they were not there ( hence I know its not a cable issue).

    Luckily I don;t really use stomps during a gig so no issue...

    DonPetersen is this the right place to post this? If not please move..

  • The Green Scream and the Kemper Drive have identical circuits, when Definition, Slim Down and Tone is set accordingly.

    We don't give recommendations about the volume settings of the originals, as it depends in a number of circumstances such as Clean Sens. This is why the volume knob on the pictures are greyed out.

    For an A/B test, simply level the volume by the volume knobs of the analog pedals.

  • The Green Scream and the Kemper Drive have identical circuits, when Definition, Slim Down and Tone is set accordingly....

    That was expected, but it will definitely shock all the guys, that did not like the Green Scream and wanted a "better" Tubescreamer!

    The KD is just a Green Scream Deluxe and with the same settings it will even sound equal?!