latency when switching in performance mode with FCB1010

  • Was trying to find an answer, but I can't find anything current on the subject. Mostly I find threads dating back to 2014 and some even 2012.

    When in performance mode I have latency switching performances higher than the fifth performance slot on the FCB1010. This way the Kemper isn't usable in a live situation.

    I read an answer dating back to 2014, the guys at Kemper had this issue at high priority, but I guess they didn't fix it yet??

    (Jul 21st 2014- Quote from ckemper :The improvement of the rig switching time has always been on our todo list. Since other important features are about to be finished, this topic has rised to a top position on the list :))

    I have updated to the latest OS and factory resetted the FCB1010.

    Anyone have a useful answer?


  • mvg2405

    Changed the title of the thread from “latency when switching in performace mode with FCB1010” to “latency when switching in performance mode with FCB1010”.
  • This has been improved long time ago and is a non-issue now.

    It's not clear, what you are referring to as "higher than fifth performance slot". Each Performance can only have five Slots maximum.

    Please explain, if you are using the FCB 1010 Behringer standard or with chip tuning e.g. by Uno4Kemper or Eureka. If Behringerr standard and the latency affects just some Performances, I would check the corresponding Behringer's preset settings. Perhaps you are not just sending one program change, but five in a row.

  • There's always latency when switching to a new performance, but no perceptible lag when switching between the 5 slots in a single performance. If you're trying to use more than 5 slots in one song, you will get lag. You'll also look like a tap dancer ;)

  • It's true, switching withinn one Performance is faster than moving to another Performance.

    Within one Performance you can have five Rigs, but you can also use Morphing to arrange ten sounds with those five Rigs. And on top you have Effect Buttons.

  • My initial idea was one amplifier clean/crunch/high gain. The FCB1010 has 10 pedals right? So I assigned pedals 1/2/ 3 as clean/crunch/high gain

    But if you want to implement for example the wah on the clean/crunch and high gain, I reckon you have to go to 4 (clean+wah) 5 (crunch+wah) 6 (high gain+ wah). Because as far as I know you can not activate and stop the wah (as using it as a stompbox) on the first 3 pedals.

    So what I ment was that if I go higher than the fifth slot, thus to pedal 6, the Kemper has to go to a new set of slots. So when I activate the sixth slot it has a very noticable and annoying lag.

  • If you set Pedal Mode within the wah effect to [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]/Toe, you could leverage just one set of clean/crunch/higain sounds.

    Another option is to afford a chip-tuning like Uno4Kemper, which gives you much more functionality. You could use the five buttons in the lower row to load complete Slots within one Performance. And have five buttons in the upper row to activate/decativate effects e. g. your wah effect in module B. Subsequent hits of the 5 buttons in the lower row will trigger Morphing, which opens a whole new dimension of sound variations. And you can reach all 125 Performances via the up/down buttons! Uno4Kemper comes at 24 €.

  • Thanks for the tips Burkhard.

    A little while ago I send an email to the support of the guys who sell the Uno4kemper chip, with the question if they were still active, because their website isn't updated in months. To this day I didn't get a reply from them.

    Can you tell me if they still exist? In that case I will buy that chip right away.

    For now I have the original Behringer chip.

    I did check the midi messages and with my little knowledge of midi I think it only sends one message to kemper.

  • you should be able to program the FCB1010 to use the first 5 pedals to change rigs but also have tue top row switch on and off individual Stomps or FX. The top row could be programmed for different Stomp and Effects in each bank on the FCB1010 if you want. It is a long time since I ised a 1010 as I now have the remote but you definitely don’t need to change rigs the way you are currently doing.