Variac - Is it even possible?

  • Hi,

    recently came across Rick Beato's video about EVH's use of the Variac. So I wondered if it is even possible to simulate the behavior of the "variable transformer"...

    Any thoughts?



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  • Profile a tube amp that is being run through a variac. Just like profiling a Jose modded Marshall, you just have to have the components to connect and profile.

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  • The sag control is kind of like this. But imo it could have more range. A "volts"/"wattage"/"dynamic range" control would be interesting...

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  • It isn't about's about changing how it feels and responds

    I understand about feel and know what you are saying. The way Kempers are, if I have a problem I just surf profiles to get my way. I don't permit compromises in my live rig and if there becomes any I will get something else. (This has been going on for YEARS lol) Same with a Kemper, If it won't produce I'll sell it and move on. Sound wise I have a feeling that won't happen, but I feel the unit has some durability issues for road survive ability even well cared for in cases. (knobs, Ethernet connections)