installed beta and lost the ability to synch with rig manager

  • i updated ran to my neigbors house came back and it was not synced even tho i left it on for that duration which it was synced when i left as i was editing presets ive tried updating every driver i possibly could manually and very annoyingly lol i praise you can help this situation as i have spent nearly all options i can think besides uploading with a usb flash which i cant do bc it fails to format everytime i try with a mass usb storage ill try a flash drive here shortly as i do not have access currently the sad thing is i tried the recovery erase and reboot like a dummy and lost all profiles i paid for i did at least back those up plz help me i wanna cry not having all functions even tho them new overdrives are prettty sweet

  • Wow!! That gave me a headache. Out of curiosity, "tho them new drives" - what country teaches such grammar and spelling? Not trying to be insulting, but responding in a helpful way to such a ?question? is made quite impossible with this lack of punctuation and the grammar.

  • Fairly stated bad habit of a.d.d and lost character and discipline. My prostrated attempt at ascertaining support toppled upon the obstreperous............ CRIES OF THE GRAMMAR POLICE. I was having a flare-up of carpal tunnel. Sorry for offending you; a young me would say my typing is purposeful for you because if that's the thing that's the worst part of your day, I'm happy for you, and its punk rock to be loud crass. I usually hit enter and don't ever look back, or I like playing with the words to much my brain picks it apart obsessively, so I click no proofread. I feel you are reading as I would speak, so yea I articulate a million a min. Thanks for helping with the topic tho!

  • I don't understand how the fact the question is in the title .

    I can not get my kemper to be recognized when I use the usb -b .

    I did not damage anything it just ejected somehow.

    Now I get a usb malfunction i manually updated every driver i could think of .

    Make it up to you if anyone needs proofreading's I actually liked that little writing exercise, I'm 30 that's normal text speak the next generation can't read cursive god help us all no hard feelings gents !

  • Hi sicknasty454,

    Please let us know if that helps.


  • Windows. Good news, guys, put a flash drive in my stage. It was formatted and ultimately updated to the previous full build, which I loaded back up to the beta without problems. I think my rig manager may not have updated due to security standards I have in place, so I corrupted

    sorry about grammar again