Role of Cab section of stack when Kemper Kone is used

  • Hi there,

    Been using my Kemper for about a year now, and it's been life-changing!

    I added two Kabinets to my Kemper two months back and I absolutely love them too!

    So far, I've been using them mostly in Speaker Imprint mode with Kemper Kone and Monitor Cab Off activated.
    I've always been using this with the cabinet section of the stack left toggled on too, assuming that this would apply the Cab simulation to the FoH mix only (since Monitor Cab Off is activated): Via the main manual (v. 7.3):

    By activating Monitor Cab Off, you suppress the cabinet simulation selectively for the MONITOR OUTPUT, in order to run a traditional guitar speaker via that output, or via the built-in power amp.

    However, when I turned the cabinet section of the stack off, the difference was stark on the direct out for the Kabinets too, and was unpleasantly harsh in the high end, just like on the FoH mix without cab simulation. At first, I figured that turning off the cabinet module would also have turned off the speaker imprint, but choosing a different speaker imprint still makes a noticeable difference - that's the surprising part for me.

    I thought that the speaker imprints were a standalone replacement of the cab simulation - this appears not to be the case?

    Should the cabinet section be left on, or is this then effectively a composition of two cab simulations, contrary to my current understanding of the manual?

  • If you have monitor cab off ticked, it basically enables the Kone imprint in your Kabinet/actual amp. If you turn the cab in the rig off, it actually turns the imprint off, and the speaker goes to full range mode. If you have monitor cab off unticked, you are using the cab sim, the imprint (if checked) and of course your actual Kabinet.

    I run through a 4x12 of Kones, and most frequently use rig cab on and monitor cab off ticked in output with the imprints. This basically uses my actual cabinet (an orange ppc412) and imprints with the amp model. FoH if I was using it, would be sent the cab model from the rig as well.

    it took me FOREVER to figure this out. Especially because un-eq'd cab on in the rig sounds blanketed in a lot of models. But this is totally fixable with EQ/imprint choice.

    If you ever use it with an actual cabinet with regular speakers, you want the cab sim off in the rig..because they don't have the harsh range the Kone does....this also sounds awesome btw.

  • Guys...I'm using 2 x celestion F12 x200 speakers. Can I use Kemper Kone function with them? Or does that only work with an actual Korean?

    it will work but won’t sound the same as the Kone imprints are intended to (might still sound great though) as the Kone isn’t based on the F12 X200 but is a tweaked version on the K12H. The Kone funtion in the software is designed to flatten the EQ curve of the K12H so applying this to a different speaker won’t create a flat response for the imprints to sit on top of.