STL Tones... I'm disappointed

  • Hello Everybody,

    I tracked new guitars this morning, here is the audio file : Howard Benson A/B_V02
    It seems to be better and closer to the original tones.
    Many thanks to all for helping me using definition, power, pick and eq.
    It's useful to have reference tracks to be as closest as the sound we are looking for.
    I will continue to work on it, I'm not 100% happy with the tone ;-).
    Have a nice day.

  • If you are not used too mic'd up guitar tones or almost "mix ready"profiles it will sound strange first.

    You can search for "isolated guitar tracks" on youtube and have a listen to some famous songs. To get an idea how "good guitar tone" sound isolated.

    STL profiles tend to have this produced character. They advertise that, like "outboard gear, ..., mixing tools implemented to get you as close to the producer's personal guitar tones as possible".

    As already mentioned, many ingredients now influence the result. For example the pick (plectrum) used, can make a huge difference. Form, material, thickness...

    Adding, that some of the pro's are really hitting the strings very hard in a recording situation.

  • Hi again everybody,
    Yes, you're right Ibot39 I'm not used to mic'd up guitar tones ;-).
    I listen to stems from bands I like and each time there is something plenty of life in their tones that I not have with my kemper.
    No misunderstanding, I'm not telling STL Tones are not good, I'm just telling that it's not what I expected.
    I bought a Kemper after listening to STL Tones demos (which sounds awesome) to make my life easier and to track guitar and bass without dealing with technical stuff.
    I want to record with the right sound in few seconds an idea I have in mind ;-).
    Maybe I made a mistake and I have to learn a lot about the kemper unit and be better for tracking on my own.

  • And how the bass and drums are recorded and mixed will determine how the guitar(s)will sound like with the rest.

  • Just because you like some producers work and guitar tone doens't mean they will work for you. If you would enter one of their studio, they would create another sound and tone that will work great just for you and the rest of the band. I've purchased profiles that didn't work at all for me and I've purchased profiles that work for me. It's a gamble sometimes and happen to us all who purchase commercial profiles. But there are also great free profiles on RE. Oh I forgot I have a STL profile pack but it was created by STL and it's a Mesa pack. Great pack

  • I found the real problem with the kemper is that your stuck with the whole profiled chain. And the same amp and guitar in one persons hands will sound different in another, tone in the hands.
    best way around is to find merged/direct profiles from the stl/other commercial profiles. The producers will have a good idea of the sweet spots of the amps and then you can change the cab to suit your hands/ear.
    It took me 3 years of being unhappy with the kemper before i found out what worked for me.
    For irs try


    York audio

    Ml sound lab

    Jens Bogren

  • Hi @tooltool,
    many thanks for your feedback on your experience with Kemper.
    I'm not the only one struggling with my kemper.
    I don't try 3rd parts IR, I tought it was better to keep the cab corresponding to the profile.

    I will have a try on this.
    Thanks for the tips ;-).

  • I was told the same with studio profiles but the kemper is hard to fine tune to your taste. You might find a profile with good amp setting but the cab and mike choice just dont work for you.
    Make sure you find direct or merged profiles to change the cab and look for free ir testers from ml sound lab, york audio or ownhammer to start

  • Hi tooltool,
    I listended to York audio and demos sounds really awesome.
    There are black friday discounts, I will buy tomorrow Mesa 212 pack at $14.99 I really like the tone he got from it.
    I also hesitate between Friedman 412 or Marshal 412 M25 in addition to mesa to as to have modern rock sound ;-).

  • York IR's are legit!!! Did anyone try to free Archon pack that STL released? It think they are good. Wondering if the engineer packs mentioned in this thread are as as good. The JP2C pack looks good as well.

    Waiting but debating a purchase. Back to the Archon if the modeled amp sounds that good in the room with it PRS has a winner. I like the cleans and drive can be dialed in to taste. Nice...

  • Well I did it...purchased the Benson and JP2C pack. I am a sucker with any profile that has Wizard in the name. Tested one of Benson's with a Strat and it sounded pretty good with minimal tweaking. Will take the full test plunge in a bit.

  • Did anyone try to free Archon pack that STL released?

    Yes I did. Tested the profiles with all my 4 guitars and they sucked. Well at least for me. I mean the Mb pack I have is great and thick tones. But the distorted profiles all sounded thin and like a phaser is on all the time. I erased them. I would have cried blood if I had paid forthem.

  • Same....I just like playing and tweaking so hard to resist. Lame when the profiles don't work out for whatever reason.

    The thing is they work great for their guitars and pickups and playing style. Only a few of packs I have purchased have worked great for all 4 guitars I have. But like you I'm like the most, new sound is always tempting and if they're great they will inspire to a new riff/song.