Best speaker solution for home use mostly

  • Hi everyone! :)

    I am a fresh Kemper Stage user and mainly a hobby guitar player that likes to play at home.

    I know this question has probably been asked a million times, but what is currently considered the best audio out option for the Kemper stage?

    I have read a lot of threads and watched a few videos. I have come up with two options for myself which I think are considered best:

    - Two studio monitors

    - A stereo active FRFR cab (Mission Eng. gemini 2, blueamps)

    So my question really is if it's worth it more to invest in high end studio monitors or a nice stereo cabinet, if the use is mainly at home?

    I like to play mainly low-mid gain crunchy stuff and cleans with some effects - genres such as country rock, blues and prog. rock.

    It's also been a while since I last played electric guitar in general, so there are lots of things I am not familiar with.

    Would love some input! ^^

    Thank you very much!


  • Hellu and welcome :)

    I would suggest a pair of studio monitors. You can use them for so many

    other things ; in a studio ( if recording ) , for your music listening , your

    home theater , as paper weights 8o ( just kidding´ )

    It all comes down to what you plan to do ........

    Cheers !

  • Kemper works so well in a home situation. You may get the same results from a Kone in a closed 1x12 but can't vouch for that. Was using 2 Kones in an open back 2 x 12 Avatar cab but prefer the Kabinet better (at least in my playing room). Good luck on your tone quest.

  • I use a pair of 8030b genelec and a pair of 20 year old event 20/20p monitors and a 1x12 powered xitone. I have a project studio so this setup is perfect. When a powered Kabinet comes out I'll most likely replace the xitone.

  • Hi, Daniel.

    Welcome and congratulations on getting your Kemper Stage.


    - Two studio monitors

    - A stereo active FRFR cab (Mission Eng. gemini 2, blueamps)

    It looks like you are interested in stereo - and I agree - for home enjoyment, stereo is glorious.

    If you want the ultimate in terms of sound shaping options and stereo, get a pair of Kemper Kabinets. You'll need to get a stereo amp to drive them. With the Kemper Kabinets, you'll have access to the Kemper Speaker Imprints. Follow the link to Kemper Kabinets to learn more.

    Here's a long discussion about amps for the Kemper Kabinets. Poweramp for Kemper and Kabinet.

    Some resources for you.

    Kemper Manuals and Quick Start guides

    Rig Manager Download and Documentation

    Kemper Tutorials & Demos

  • For "amp in the room" sound, a Kemper Kabinet or Kone(s) in a donor cab with an amp will do the trick, the BAM200 seems to be a popular, basic amp. If you're keen on stereo and not particularly fussed about sounding like an actual "amp in the room" then powered monitors might be the go, they're going to be more useful for recording and other stuff as well.

    Or get both 👍

  • First of all thank you for the warm welcome and helpful response.

    Seems like the Kone/Kabinet is more popular than I expected from reading online.

    I would need an active version of the Kone though, since I have the Kemper Stage, right?

    Do I build this myself or just run a poweramp into the kabinet?

    Again I'm really out of my league here ^^


  • I would always use two sources. One that might come close to a PA system you might play with once you are playing at a venue or maybe at rehearsals. I can also recommend to mainly use the system you would monitor with at rehearsal as well as at a venue. So you get used best to your sounds. At least to me there still is so much variation with different speakers.

    I own a BlueAmps Spark and a BlueAmps Conehead. So I am able to reproduce a PA like frfr system as well as imprints. Best of both worlds.

    P.S. At home I also use my DT 880. For recording and mixing they are great but not really for editing sounds although I now know how it will end up with my Spark and Conehead.

  • If necessary to be very quiet I recommend studio-Monitors or better a good FRFR-Monitor like the Yamaha DXR10, which is also very usable if you Need a good Monitoring for a live-stage (you never know).

    If it's possible to Play at home with a higher Level I'd suggest the Kemper-Kabinett.

  • When you say home use - is it going to be setup and left or moved around ?

    My rig is permanently setup next to a desk - so stereo speaker (or monitors) would be the way forward. If its going to be treated like an amp an d cab and moved around..... then an FRFR (or Kemper Kone and a power amp) would be what I'd do.

  • if you wanted the kone route you could buy the Kabinet, plus a poweramp like Bam200, seymour duncan 170 etc. if you have a spare guitar cab you could even buy the kone speaker alone and put it in a cab with your poweramp of choice connected.