Looper sound changes when rig changed w/Monitor Cab Off

  • Hi All,

    I got a Camplifier today for my KPA Head so I can run a 4x12 (or two) while sending my output signal direct to the PA. I'm really digging the added flexability but quickly encountered a problem: Since I'm running through a 4x12 cab I have Monitor Cab Off selected. My problem is that if I play a loop, say, that's using the acoustic sim, if I switch do a different performance slot containing a different rig, the sound of what's playing through the looper also changes (only through the non cabbed 4x12). If I turn Monitor Cab Off to the off position, that doesn't happen, it works as expected.

    I have some scenarios where I need this functionality to be correct. In the aforementioned example I record an acoustic passage, play that loop then switch to a different performance slot that contains a mildly overdriven rig tone with a ton of delay (Melody Chromatic adding octaves) and heavy Cirrus Reverb. The effects don't seem to be affecting the looped part but the different rig does for sure, to the point where it pretty much ruins the idea.

    I apologize for posting about a repeat topic but didn't want to revive an old thread - I'm posting because I really hope someone's come up with a workaround for this. Anyone?

    BTW - I'm on KAOS release 7.5.4