Profiler Stage - four days old - Several Errors

  • Hi everybody / Hallo zusammen,

    I received the Kemper Profiler Stage last Tuesday and connected it to the Rig Manager for the first time today.

    It said to update the OS and that it would do that for me. But nothing happened for maybe 30 minutes.

    I played around with the expression pedal to see the tuner go on and off while I was waiting - and than Rig Manager said that the USB connection between my MBP2012 and the KPA was not stable. So I decided to do the Update manually with a USB stick - as per the documentation.

    But I ended up with what you can see in the video

    That thing is going back for sure. The display seemed to be switching coloring on its own from the get go and the head-phone out sounded strange. But that update thing is killing the experience for me completely.

    Was planned to integrate my 3 Bass setups for bands and to jam around on guitar at home.

    Are the rack or the toaster any better?

  • Habe den Support nun kontaktiert. Ich habe ein paar Bekannter (Gitarristen) die alle auf den Kemper schwören, und daher war ich Feuer und Flamme das auszuprobieren. In anderen Foren und zB auf Facebook wurde mir bestätigt, dass die Kinderkrankheiten des Stage behoben seien...

    Aber ich bin gerade echt super enttäuscht. Das hatte ich mir alles anders vorgestellt.

  • Kueppi Bass

    Changed the title of the thread from “Profiler Stage - four days old - USB stick software update error” to “Profiler Stage - four days old - Several Errors”.
  • As an Update:

    The Kemper stage decided to start up again when I wanted to try to reset it. But before I could do anything it was back in the "update loop" for 60 seconds and then fired up with the new OS installed (7.5.x),

    It worked for 2-3 hours flawlessly, could connect to Rig Manager and I could record.

    But in the middle of the recording it stopped showing some profiles in the display, it changed from bolt to thin letter (back and forth), and at the end the display went off, as did all the knobs and buttons.

    I couldn't even shut it off!

    But I still had the last sound...

    Kemper Support came back to me and said that it is a hardware issue and I have to get it exchanged by my dealer...

    Really not a good start for me and Kemper.