Cannot get pedal to work as wah..

  • I cannot get my expression pedal to work as a wah on Kemper stage. It works as volume but when switched on to work as wah, it still works as volume pedal. I watched numerous videos and they are all for the toaster. Nothing for the stage that is clear an comprehensive. Ive read the oweners manual numerous times it is not clear on this at all either... When you aske anyone on here anything on here , all you get as a response is read the manual. Not to be a jerk... I have!!! Numerous times. Or watch the video... Well if anyone knows of a video for a green expression pedal with a switch for a STAGE I would love the link, Thanks in advance.

  • In the System Menu. there is a Pedal Setup page.

    If you want to control both Wah and Volume, the one pedal needs to be set-up as a wah pedal, not as Volume.

    Or, the PEDAL 5 input of the Remote, and Pedal 3 input of the PROFILER Stage, are already prepared for Wah by default.

    After setting the pedal up as Wah, Select “WahPedal >Volume” on the Pedal Links page in System Settings.

    If “WahPedal >Volume” is selected, those two functions are mutually exclusive. As soon as a wah effect is active, the Wah Pedal controls this wah effect, while volume stays flat. As soon as there is no wah effect in the current Rig, or the wah effect is switched off, the Wah Pedal controls volume.

  • the only difference between the Stage and the other models when it comes to setting up pedals is that the Stage has a dedicated Pedals menu while all the other models have the pedal setting pages in the system menu. More info on this can be found on page 129 in the reference manual.