Ethernet Cable Connector Wiring - Cable missing in 2nd hand deal

  • Hi y´all!

    Hope someone with a controller might help me out.

    Just sold my non powered Toaster cause I got my hands on a Power Rack with controller. The thing is that the Ethernet cable is missing in the package and need to make one from bulk parts and cable, that I´ve got in large amount.

    What I need is a pic of both ends of those RJ45 connectors with the locking tip turned away from the camera. Some systems cross the wires in the 8 wire cable, but it might be as simple as a straight 1-1, 2-2, 3-3 ........... 8-8.

    Thanks for taking your time to post a detailed pick so I can follow the colour wiring before I press those RJ45 connectors, so I do not frie the internal RJ45 connectors on the KPA or controller.

  • Hi, SignaturePre.

    It's a standard ethernet cable,