Solved: Looper pedal problem

  • Hey all!

    I'm coming to you with a weird problem. It's been a year since I've been using my rc-30 looper pedal with the Kemper without any problem. Tonight though, it just won't work anymore for some reason.

    I plugged it in like that : Guitar -> Kemper front Input then Kemper direct output / send --> RC/30 input (Mono) then RC30 output (Mono) --> Kemper Return input

    I've tried to "init globals" the settings, without success

    I've tried some other manipulations like ticking aux > mono and raising the volume of aux In > headphones, it allows me to loop but the sound I get its extremely neutral and doesn't sound at all like the kemper presets I have going on

    If someone could help me that would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much in advance!!

  • Youneed to activate an effect loop in one of the effect modules e. g. Loop Mono. Without an effect loop in the current Rig you are using the DIRECT OUT not in its capacity as effect send output. Aux In is also a different feature. Dial all Aux In>Mix controls to minimum.

  • to send the full signal of the Profiler including all effects and the amp stack to your looper you need to set the output source of the Direct output to Master mono.

    The init globals function assigns the git/analog source to the direct output which represents the totally unprocessed guitar signal.

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