Fletcher Munson Curve and EQ

  • Hi

    We all know the problem when you listen to music or edit a profile att low volume. You perhaps add more bass and treble and it sounds great but at playing level it sucks with to much bass and treble.

    I mostly play and try nwe profiles at bedroom level since I got a wife, ad dog, a cat and neighbours.......:rolleyes:

    Has anyone constructed an approximate EQ setting to adjust from bedroom to playing level?

    Next problem is that it also need to cut thru the mix but that you can adjust when the first is in place


  • Following a suggestion from Steve Conrad (Elantric) on VGuitar forums, I use a little dbx 'Go Rack' between Profiler and amp. These gadgets have a built-in preset with FM compensation and were being blown out at ridiculous prices a while back. If things sound right at polite levels with the EQ inserted they generally translate well to stage volumes. With a bit of care you should be able to dial in an appropriate curve with a parametric EQ of your choice.

  • i would approach it the opposite way round. Set the profiles for full gig volume and make sure they sound awesome. Then when playing at bedroom level apply a “loudness” EQ which boosts bass and treble relative to mids. that’s the way higi “loudness buttons worked in the old days and how Two Notes contour control works on the Torpedo Reload attenuator.