Request for graphic EQ frequency switching

  • I would love to have the option of either a few specific preset graphic EQ frequencies or the ability to move or shift them all at once with maybe a preset.

    I would love to see some more common frequency options, plus the high and low cut, but also a couple more frequencies added in for a few more possibilities.

    Frequencies I would like to see are, at least these:

    62.5, 125, 250, 500, 1k, 2k, 4k, 8k, 16k plus high and low cut.

    I would guess there are others who might be interested in something similar and may have a few options for frequencies or other thoughts they may like as well.


  • i suppose it comes down to how many bands you need to tweak but the ability to move the bands is basically what the studio EQ (parametric EQ) does with the added ability to set the Q width which a graphic doesn’t have.

    The issue is you really only have two bands you can do that with in the studio eq. The low is again set at 150 and the highs are set at 8 or 10k, I can't remember off the top of my head.

    My issue is more where all the hard frequencies are set in all the Kemper eqs. For instance, if a rig is a little boxy I would take out a little 500hz if it is honky then 700-1k is usually a good start, so a 1k band can do that, where the 1.2k in the graphic is a little too high for fixing that. Usually bite is at 2-3k and low mid flub is usually around 250.

    Having a couple more bands is always nice to have for whatever you might need, as well.

    I am not saying to make the graphic EQ more like a parametric, just saying the set frequencies of the graphic could have a few different presets where you can pick the list of set frequencies, depending on your need.

  • i hear what you are saying and it might be quite nice to make the GEQ behave like your GEQ of choice. Whant a Mesa 5 band no problem. What about an MXR 10 band........ etc

    however, you have hi the nail n the head with your own explanation. In reality you are using the EQ to “fix” a problem area either to enhance or reduce certain frequencies. How many times are there actually 5 frequency bands that are all problematic?if that is the case there is probably a better profile to start from. It should be possible to fix an already good profile with one or two bands. Or to run two Studio EQ in series (although this obviously ties up a slot that could be used elsewhere).

    i can remember the actual frequency centres for the main Kemper tone stack but I wouldn’t be surprised if they already fall in between the bands of the GEQ.

  • what about just expanding the studio eq? I noticed the Axe FX and the quad cortex have much larger parametric eq's.

    Maybe just double or so? I could see the use for enhancing that many bands.

    2 bands for low mid cut, 2 bands for high mid boost.