Value of CC #50 to #54

  • Today i tested the Morningstar MC8 which i just received, nice piece of equipment.

    While trying to program it to choose the slot in performance mode i discovered this:
    When using CC #50 to #54 to chose the slot, you have to put a value higher than 0 or it won't work. It took me some time to figure this.

    I haven't found this information in the main manual.

    In the midi manual it's written that you have to use value 1, but it seems to work with every value that is not 0.

    It would be probably a good idea, either to write this info in the main manual or (better) to change the CC so that it accept all values (although there is perhaps a reason i failed to see for this to be like this).

    Thank you.

  • While digging, i discovered that the main manual was actually not very clear about this, but it seems the actual way of doing things in kemper land is to use 0 to shut off something, and every value other than 0 to turn it on.
    Since the kemper midi spec document has other errors like this, i understand that this spec is out of sync with the real state of kemper midi, and so my request would be to ask for updating ?

  • Actually, this is not an error. The controllers 50-54 mimic the "button presses" of a MIDI controller.

    If the slot is selected, 1 will trigger "Morph Button Down" which starts the morph ramp to go to maximum.

    If the slot is not selected, 1 will trigger "Select Slot"

    In both cases, a 0 will trigger "Morph Button Up" which means "releasing the button". This starts the morph ramp to go back to minimum if the time between 1 and 0 is more than 300ms or just notes that the next 1/0 pair will trigger the morph ramp down.

    This might sound more complicated than it is, just check out the manual regarding the Remote which describes the mechanics in details for the foot switches 1-5.

    The idea is to get Remote functionality for slot selection/morphing as easy as possible with a MIDI board.

    You can also just use MIDI program changes if you program this from a MIDI track or so.