Create new preset pack?

  • I've searched this forum and the web and cannot find any tutorials on creating my own preset packs. For example, I own a bunch of Tone Junkie profiles. I'd love to create a preset pack for my favorites from them. I'm running Mac OS X. Help? Thanks in advance.

  • I must admit, I don't understand, what you are trying to achieve.

    Do you literally mean a "preset pack" or what we call a "Rig pack"?

    Are you referring to Rig packs in Rig Manager? Those are exclusively published by KEMPER.

    Are you planning to share your pack with other users? You are not authorized to share Rigs which are commerically offered by providers like Tone Junkie. You can publish a list with names of your favorite Rigs here in the forum at Commerial Rigs and PROFILEs.

  • I am not trying to share with other users and not trying to create Rig Packs. I want an easy way to organize the profiles I own, thinking that Preset Packs are the solution. Perhaps my understanding of Preset Packs is wrong. Apologies, even though I'm a bit of a Kemper noob, I am an experienced software developer who just may be missing some of the philosophical ideas that Kemper uses in Rig Manager. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Here's how I'm thinking…

    In Rig Manager, under All Presets, I see Preset Packs. Right now, the only one listed is Kemper Factory Content 8.0. I'm hoping to create a new Preset Pack under that with profiles I own, sorted in a way that I choose. If there is a better way to sort my profiles, please let me know.

  • We use the term "preset" for local applications: input preset, effect preset, cabinet preset, output presets. The term for a file including the complete signal chain from Input to REV module is called "Rig". I'm read between the lines, that your intend is organising your Rig collection.

    Rig packs and preset packs are provided by us and you have read access.

    You can create folders in your Local Library to structure your collection and can mark Rigs as favorites.