Rig Packs Synchronization

  • Hello,

    maybe I am wrong, but I thought the "Rig Packs" content is updated automatically.

    At least in the manual it's mentioned :

    Rig Manager automatically downloads the latest offerings for you.

    I did not see "Kemper Legends Tribute Collection (November 2020)" and "Bert Meulendijk Rig Pack II (July 2020)"

    How can I get this packs?



  • Uhh Sorry , corrected the typo .... but "Rick Packs" ..... good idea for an artist name :D "Rick Packs and the Profilers" 8)

    I just started Rig Manager and now all Rig Packs are there without downloading or changing anything.

    Yesterday I had Rig Manager started and it was some hours in the background on my Mac.

    May be I was too impatient.



  • Stefan D

    Changed the title of the thread from “Rick Packs Synchronization” to “Rig Packs Synchronization”.