Ext Soundcard dead (laptop pc ) need advice for picking a new one

  • Hi, my scarlett 6i6 focusrite is dead :( Changing the power supply did not help.

    I need a new one with the mandatory specs :

    1. must have spdif
    2. needs to have handle USB connexion thru an USB hub , as I plug my PC to a docking station
    3. can handle direct monitoring

    I had the Roland quad capture in the past and the 6i6 and BOTH had serious issues getting/staying connected 100% of the time , I had multiple problems with them. Pbs were solved when I plug direct to the PC usb.

    So if you have a laptop ( mine is a thinkpad) on win10 , a dock , and a great soundcard let me know.

    Thx in advance !