FCB1010+UnO4Kemper v1.1 How to Assign Pedal Function

  • I have a problem with my new FCB1010 with UnO4Kemper v1.1

    I would like to set the pedale exp. A to Wha and the Pedal Expression B to Pitch but it don't let me programm the pedala assignment in any way

    According to this manual https://www.fcb1010.eu/downloads/UnOforKemper_manual.pdf

    I expected to enter the programming menu for expr. pedal's funcion keeping pressed 1+9 while turning the FCB on. (page 5)

    but this doesn't happen.

    It just switch/invert the function of the two pedals But they keep to be assigned to Wah and Volume Or Voulme an Wah. (as reported in this image)

    In the same way if I Keep Pressed 1+4 when turing on the FCB, It does Not allow to see or change any sweep curve. (page 6 of the manual above)

    A part from this, the FCB is working good, I've mamaged to Calibrate both expr. pedals and to assing different Stomp funcition than the factory preset and everything seems to work properly.

    What I'm doing wrong? Any Idea?

    Is there another kind of procedure to change the expr.pedal form Volume to Pitch?-- or Morph?

  • I suspect, the manual reflects a later revision of Uno4Kemper. For example Morphing didn't even exist when Uno4kemper was first released. As far as I remember, this pedal flexibility - also the response curve flexibility of the pedals - was added in a later revision e.g. 1.3. Perhaps worth considering investing in a new eprom.

  • so I've found the firmware History of UnO4Kemper and unfortuantely there's actually no way to configure V1.1 like I want


    So, I switch the chip to the Original one (V2.2) and I've spent this afternoon to Configure/program it's functionalities

    I used this Software and watched this tutorial video and actually Now the FCB1010 works the way I want.

    I will do few adjustmen in the future to optimize the use according to my prefereces... but right now I'm happy that my mood changed form:huh:?(X/X( to :/:!:=O:|:/:|;):thumbup::saint:

    so it looks like this

    and it works like this