Here comes the question again in 2020: Shimmer reverb effect with Kemper?

  • Hi Team: I see some maybe outdated posts about it:

    -Are there effects, presets that will help me get the ¨big Sky¨ kind of shimmer reverb effect, that has octave above and remains for long time, with adjustable mix of effect vs dry signal?

    I know this sound a bit too much to ask but I have spent some time fumbling around with reverb settings and Crystal Delay but I cannot get it right. Any recommendations?

    As alternative, I own a cheap TC Electronics Hall of Fame 2 which I bought for this purpose. It is however harsh sounding and, correct me if I am wrong, Kemper profiles are not designed to receive pedals up front thru the main input.

    Any help appreciated, thanks in advance.

  • My Kemper is packed away for a house move, so I can't give you preset names but I have easily found presets for shimmer style effects. I'm certain the sound you want is in the box, probably in the delays.