How to make Top Jimi profiles sound good?

  • Hi everyone,

    so I bought a bunch of profiles from Top Jimi (worth more than 100USD) when I got my Kemper since the amps he profiled are exactly what I was looking for. I also love that he included merged profiles.

    However, all of his profiles sound bad to me. Far worse than M Britt, Tone Junkie and others. They are very trebly and don't work with my Supro or Tele. It's a biting, unpleasant sound. His Supro Black Magick amp for example does sound nothing like the real amp to me.

    I also realized that Top Jimi, unlike many of his competitors, doesn't already include fitting boosters or EQ to his profiles which could help figuring out how to make the tone sound fuller (like Tone Junkie does).

    What are you guys usually dialling in to make Top Jimi's profiles sound good? To me definition and treble don't seem to be enough, I often find myself fiddling around with high and low shift as well, alas without a good result.

    Am I missing something about his profiles?