• It's irrelevant, for all intents and purposes, 'cause it's impossible to overload the CPU.

    I remember that with my old POD HD500 I was restricted as to the number of FX blocks I could add depending on how CPU-intensive they were. Not a problem with the Kemper; any combination of FX can be used without the risk of running into such a limit.

  • Monkey_Man well just to experiment I filled all the fx block with quad chromatic Delay (with parallel path and DLY+REV paralel also) and eventually some unwanted click and noises went out. I just wanted to create a "huge superchord instrument (32+1 voices)" -which I mange to do at a smaller scale (16 voices) - I just wanted to see if the profiler could manage two superchord groups (16+16 voices) switchable by morph pedal.

  • Who knows what cased the clicks? If your Profiler is filled with many hundreds of Rigs, Presets and / or Cabinets, there would've been less RAM available, which in theory could cause clicks when pushed to the limit, but you'd think Kemper would've foreseen this and compensated for it.

    The thing is, if Kemper wasn't confident that any combination of FX could be used "safely", it would warn us about this in the manual. The HD500 I mentioned has limitations and these are clearly outlined in its manual. Not so with Kemper.

    The fact that you "switched via Morph pedal" gives me a clue that those clicks are more likely to have been caused by an effect kicking in than by a CPU limitation. Delay FX are known to exaggerate clicks and produce weird artefacts from time to time, so there's that too.

  • my profiler at the moment has 91 rigs, 33 (5 slot) perfomances and 12 presets.

    hay no, it wasn't the morph because I didn't reach the morph stage with 8 Delays... but as I said it was only an experiment actually I'm quite good with 4 delays (8+8 voices) and I can work with it.

    and the fact that the manual didn't mention this possibility maybe is due to the fact that nobody thought that to make a "symphonic fog" with 8 quad delay could be of any use.

    at the end the answer to my question is "no, you cannot see the cpu load of the profiler"

  • I think the artifacts when morphing delay is a my big issue. I want to change from a short slap back delay to a longer solo delay. Even with the lowest rise/fall time there are unacceptable artifacts. You can use two effects instead but then you loose a slot.

    I would like to choose emmidiate cut off of the delay when you morph to a new setting